Thursday, February 21, 2013

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A Super Good News to all Hello Kitty Fans!!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's been ages

Like the title, it's been ages since last I blogging.
Time flies, it almost 2 years I didn't touch blogspot. second thought, I never been to second blog also.
my Diploma life almost come to an end before getting my last trimester finished.
 Deep thoughts, should I go for further study ? Study abroad keeps on come across my mind, but how to?

Will update some more after this weekend. stay tuned

Friday, December 31, 2010

End of year 2010- Part 1

Finally the last day of 2010, lot of things happened during this year. This also is the year of turn of the course to me. From studying in TARC, eventually unsuccessful studying in TARC and changed to MMU study. First of all, I applied Republic Polytechnic in Singapore, but failed to apply. They rejected my application. Perhaps my SPM results not that well.

What I can said is regret. Wasted 2 years time to study in TARC but ended up cant complete study. But once I study in MMU, I swear to myself, I need to study even more harder to repair what I regret in TARC. Ended up I did it half way, last semester got a satisfiable results, but that's not enough.

Ok, enough of crapping about my past tense. But what I have to mention later , also is my past. Phew. People will never able to predict what is going to happen next. Perhaps I will died tomorrow, who knows ? I left lot of regrets in this world, maybe I will turn up become a ghost. ARGH~~~~ choi, touch wood. I dont want to die yet, I still got lot of thing needed to do. Like girlfriend and etc..... OPS !~ no more, back to topic.

So gather up all the memories about 2010, let me recall back some of it. Lot of things happened, impossible for me to remember all. Just start from Best Thing In 2010. *My own Opinion*

Best movie of the year , INCEPTION
this is a fucking damn nice movie I ever watched in this year. I was damn like Leonardo Dicaprio, his acting skill never retrogress. The scenario of this movie also very nice ! Usually we watched movie in LOGICAL thinking, but in this movie, the characters did their thing in DREAM, which mean there is no LOGICAL in this movie, so the director can do anything he wants in this film.

Best friend of the year, Chun Kit *KL*
My ever best friend from KL . He is one of my old class mate in TARC. Getting to know him for almost three years, every time helped me settled lot of troublesome matters. We like to shoot each other, but we are still the best friends. hahaha~
I'm his house regular visitor. His family just like my second family, every time visited his house, and spent few days in his house. And I knew the difficulty of becoming a eldest son of the family, role example very important. Chun Kit really did his part, his very only part , set a good example to his brother and sisters. good job brother !
*no best friend in Melaka available now, perhaps end of next year first.

Best food of the year, Spaghetti
the spag that selling in MMU exam hall food court. The Middle East type of Spaghetti never failed me even once. I like to eat it, but have to visit there wisely, sometime ended up with disappointment, because left no more !
*No photo available.

Best achievement of the year, Arm Wrestling champion
Well, this is the ever the first champion I won. First of all, I never think that I got even a slim chance to win, after saw all my opponents and participants were so strong and fit. Perhaps is my luck helped me won it but the price of won the champion. I injured my arm almost 3 months.

Best item I possessed of the year, Oris Watch -F1 William Day date.
Quite surprised that my daddy will gave me one of his precious watch. Actually cant say is 'precious' after all, he wore it for working, and scratch it all over. swt But for a watch that worth RM2K above, it's a best thing I ever had in my year 2010. =D

Best girlfriend of the year, NOPE
NOPE, no doubt about it, I dont have a girl friend.

Best memory of the year, Singapore Trip
The first time visit trip to Singapore for application of Republic Polytechnic, it is also the most worst trip I ever had too, I witnessed the glory and advancement of Singapore and also witnessed the attitude of Singaporean. PISS off.

Best drink of the year, Starbucks Choco chip frappucino
Well, quality drink never come with low price. The first time I drank choco chip frap was in February , at Times Square, KL. The first moment I drank it, oh my gosh. It's awesome ! haha
few times before I visisted starbucks I always ordered cheese cake or coffee or espresso, never imagined that choco chip frap was so nice too !

Best game of the year, Call of Duty 4 , Modern Warfare 1 ,2, and Black Ops
This is the best 1st person shooting game that I ever played ! The graphic of the game was totally awesome, the action of the enemies, the surrounding of the game totally attracted me. For sure, only applicable with good specs of the PC. haha~

Best social network of the year, FACEBOOK
no doubt about it, facebook is the most powerful and attractive social network that everybody want to play with. Facebook even blocked by China , due to Facebook will let the China staff idling in playing it. Caused China's economic dropped lot last year. I was ever once want to delete Facebook, but ended up play it again. I cant forget the attractiveness of it. Way to good, Mark Zuckerberg *creator of Facebook*.

So far this is the thing I can write about. End of part 1, out !

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The most excited moment ! Final exam results were released last Friday !
The first moment my friends said that we can check our result, my heart was beating rapidly that time.
Oh My God ! Lot of feelings were came into my mind, what if I failed any subjects ? How am I going to maintain my CGPA ? How am I going to achieve my dream ?
However , thanks to my friend borrowed me his iPhone to browse the results. When the first moment I log in the Student Information Center . It just appeared the same thing,
" You Are Advised To Submit Your CIMB Account To Finance Division For Further Action, Thank You"

However, Before I Log In , my friend was holding his iPhone and helped me to key in my ID and password. He saw the sentences I mentioned above, and he said " Eh, Koon Yee you being barred already !" I was shocked when I heard this. Who knows when I checked it, I just relieved. Phew, it just a stupid thing from MMU, want me to apply a CIMB account and submit to Finance Division. It just terrified me when my friend said I was being barred by MMU.

After that, I just press "Next" and go into Achievement tab. When the page was loading , my heartbeat was increasing more rapid. I can barely felt my hand was shaking. The subject I was scared the most is my Maths, because last semester I was having a low grade in coursework and I cant really answer the mathematics in final exam very well. Hope no mishap will happened.

When the result appeared, I was just ..... OH MY GOD ! I passed all the subjects ! CGPA was 3.05 ! It was the most highest I ever scored even in TARC.

The subjects' grade:-
Business Mathematics C
Business Management B+
Computer Systems and Application A-
English B-
Malaysian Studies PS

After I knew my result, I was so happy. I straightly called my parents and told them my result. They were quite satisfied too. I was so contented.
The last semester result will become my biggest motivation to study in the future semester !
No more fooling around, MUST trim my activities time and No CLUBS at all *actually I never been to those places. =P *

Good nights folks~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Incoming new Trimester

After 3 weeks idling in my home, finally, I officially welcome my second trimester in MMU.
This 3 weeks at home actually quite boring. Just want to work and work, look at my facebook, forums and watch drama.

I found a interesting and touching Korean Drama which was 2004's , "Love Story In Harvard" . The story was portrayed about the student life in The World Best Higher Institution -- Harvard University. The student life of love and ambitious.

I love the female character, Kim Tae-Hee very very much !!! Even though that time she was 26 years old, intellectual beauty. When she wore a student clothes just really felt like she was a Harvard Medical School student. Damn like her ! Sarangheyo ! Very pity she was 30 years old now, but the Korean first beauty wouldn't defeated by time, the latest drama she filmed was IRIS, once again saw her smiling face, oh my god. I was attracted by her.

This drama really reminds me the dream I pursuit before. Always want to study hard to get admitted into Harvard University or Cambridge University. But is it just a dream for me ? When I studied at Tarc before, I let badminton ruined my study once. Vanity , false pride of badminton ruined me, keep chasing for higher price of badminton equipment to show off, want to train harder and harder to defeat my opponents. These situation really let me lost of myself in life. Skip class for badminton and ended up gain nothing but loss of knowledge and time.

Perhaps, as a Sagittarius, Getting to know more friends is my nature. Get involved in too many of society and clubs really let me cant cope my homework. So start from this new trimester, I gotta try to not involved in too many activities and reduce the time on unnecessary things, FOCUS IN STUDY and pursuit back what is my actual dream. No matter what. I was going to sell off my badminton racquet and focus in study. This really motivate me. Hope there is a buyer to buy my raqcuet.

I like those people who look down at me, this really will become my biggest motivation to study hard to prove to you guys. Whatever it takes, I will just give my best to enter one of those universities that world acclaimed the best in the world. Harvard University, Cambridge University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and etc. Just wait for me, give me 2 years period, I will enter one of those !

By the way, report the subjects I took at this trimester.
Introduction of Probability and Statistics
Operating Systems
Systems Analysis and Design
Management Information Systems
Contemporary Management and Entrepreneurship

and one more is Microeconomics which I cant register right now, because the full of capacity , the management said it was technical problem. It should be recover after the first week of New Trimester. Stupid MMU server.

After watched this drama, dont know why, my mood was suddenly so down , the characters inside the drama was FABULOUS and let me cried for few times ! Never had a drama did such a impact on me ! Reminded me what was my dream. Felt badminton was really ruined my life , I wouldn't let it happened twice !

Friday, October 1, 2010

Final exam eliminated ! Say Hello to my holidays

Asta la vista , EXAM ! and officially say warmest welcome to my 3 weeks holidays. It's was freaking happy and no more burden from now on YET.
After few weks didnt touch my badminton, but then it's just kinda weird, I thought my feeling will gone, after I played badminton again just now, it wasn't that worse also.
Still can smashing, drop, lob . haha no worry then !

Another miserable news, this weekend got 4 wedding banquets need to manage. Every weekend in hometown also is suffer for me, phew. for sure need to drive lorry again. sweat~
Anyway, nice to blog now, good night viewers !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Business Mathematics OUT !

Oh YES ! Today I had my first paper- Business Mathematics !
Overall, not that hard as I imagined. I just too anxiety to answer .
Before that, I almost overslept because I set my alarm at 5.30am, when it started to ring, I just turned it off. HAHAHA and ended up miss the period for me to do revision. :P

After that, I just continue my sleeping, when almost 8.30am, I just woke up blurry and realised already sun-shining, I just faster took my handphone and look at the clock, OMG 8.30am
Almost OVERSLEPT ! What the hell , lucky my body not that tired , phew~ Thanks god.

Anyway, tomorrow two more subjects which are going to be taken down by me , just like beyond-godlike ! Business Management and English !

A cute eye cover bought from Jusco last week, just to prevent my room mate will switch on the light when I was sleeping!~